Wednesday, 5 September 2012

English Learning Experience

Throughout the past three weeks, our 8RKe English class has been a blast. With free writing, to editing, to learning about different technological advances in the field of English study. We have covered many different topics and conducted interesting class discussions on new topics. 

Some subjects we have covered so far include:

- Peer Editing
- Free Writing
  - Show Don't Tell
- Writing Narratives
- Blogging (and Google's Blogger)

One thing that I really enjoy in English is the freedom to move and work in our own style. We can move around the room and sit where we please. This allows me to go to my 'thinking space' in the room and zone out while I do my work. I like this set-up because it gives me a sense of individuality and personal space, instead of having to sit around a table next to 20 other people.

I've recommended this to many other classes, but I believe that laptop use should be trusted, and allowed at any time. In my old school, I found that laptops were only used for work and note-taking, when the teacher decided, so we couldn't pull out our laptops to write notes or do anything, at any period of time. I found this to be a restraint as I couldn't use my computer to aid my learning, and it limited my memory of the activities and talks we had done in class.

Looking towards the future, I think that laptop use should be allowed at any point in time, as they can help to remember ideas from class discussion, and allow us to take notes or open websites, when a certain topic arises. I know this is a big step in the field of trust and listening skills, but I believe that as yr 8 students, we can use this effectively to further assist our learning with the iLearn Programme.

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  1. WOW! You covered a lot of what we have done this year. If you share this blog with your friends or family, they will have a great understanding of what RKE has done in English