Wednesday, 14 November 2012

The Lost Hero

Over the last hour of reading, my characters have been set a task of which they must complete in less than 5 days. To save Queen Hera from the 'evil mists' and return her safely to Mount Olympia. The three main characters have just arrived at camp half-blood and toured around the different gods' cabins. Through magical powers and abilities, they have located their god parent and have been matched to their cabin. Claiming night was when this all happened and their different powers mysteriously activated. The met by a shrouded message, they have been set with the task to save the queen before the gods meet at the Summer solstice!

From this reading today, I have learnt that If you look god, it doesn't necessarily make you feel good. One girl was the daughter of the goddess of beauty Aphrodite, but was used to staying low key and wearing makeshift clothing. After the claiming, she was automatically transformed into someone really beautiful and all the boys really liked her. She was very upset and didn't like all the sudden attention.

A passage in the book which I really enjoyed was one of the male boys encounters with the wingless steel dragon. The way the Riordan describes the looks on their faces and the emotions running through them was amazing, and then their relationship began when the dragon realised that Luke wasn't going to hurt him. I liked the way the writer crafted this scene and his intimate descriptions helped to paint a picture in my head.

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