Monday, 4 February 2013

Is Blogging Important? Yes and No...

Blogging is an intricate part of our English subject, allowing us to freely express our ideas and present different topics for discussion. Throughout this year, Mr. Raisdana has helped us to establish our blogging profile and taught us new and exciting ways to present text in a way that is opinionated, and allowing us spark discussions with our peers, and open their eyes to a new perspective of life. Blogging allows us to practice and enhance our writing skills  The topics are unrestricted giving us the freedom to express ourselves in any way we choose. There are no boundaries, and not limits, removing the pressure of writing about boring subject which we have no deeper connection to. Furthermore, blogging allows us to connect with our peers through the way we write and the topics we write about. At our age, we like to write about certain themes, or certain activities we have participated in recently, in a more factual way. These activities may have been done with others too, sparking conversation or discussion with other people. Therefore, blogging is a very important part of our English life and it is critical that it is used effectively to enhance our learning.

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