Monday, 25 February 2013

Opinions - What is the What

Now at book 2, our journey through understanding the what has gone from Sudan, all the way to Ethiopia, and from a house to the hospital. Going back and forth between the present and the past, I have had varying feelings about the book, and the different events occurring in each chapter. The most common complaint seems to be the scenes in America, the present. However, I think that these scenes have been included by Dave Eggers as an intelligent way of connecting the present to the past, leading the reader to believe that Valentino's life conceptually has stayed the same throughout his journey. He is still the minority, controlled by others. I understand this pathway and think that the transition sentences between present and past are very well thought through. Another point in the story I really liked is the way Dave Eggers explains the every thought and emotion Valentino feels, pulling me in as if I was standing beside him through the whole journey. His use of emotive and descriptive writing brings Valentino's journey to the every detail, allowing us to understand his experience almost exactly as it happened. I am enjoying the book and can't wait to see what new twists and events will occur in Valentino's life!

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